aerial party

Want to try something new with your friends? Try one of our private aerial parties! Step out of your comfort zone and allow us to guide you through various movements and tricks using our aerial hammocks. You and your friends will leave feeling empowered, strong, and more confident.

Have a party to celebrate a...

  • Girls' night out
  • Bachelorette party
  • Birthday
  • Any other special occasion

We offer parties 1-2 hours in length tailored to the desires of the host. Parties include introductory aerial tricks and techniques. In order to keep our silks and hammocks clean, food is not permitted for aerial parties, but guests are welcome to bring drinks of their choice. Cameras are welcomed! Parties also include a group photo and the host will receive a complimentary Be Fitness tank top as a gift.

Our Party Packages

Be Flirty
  • 1 hour mini-party
  • 5+ people
  • $25 per person
Be Fun
  • 1.5 hour aerial party
  • 5-10 people
  • $35 per person
Be Fabulous
  • 2 hour aerial party
  • 11+ people
  • $30 per person

Important Information

  • You can have less than 5 people at a party, but you will need to pay as if 5 people were in attendance.
  • Everyone attending the party is required to pay, even if they are not participating in the lesson.
  • If you put down a 50% deposit based off the minimum amount of guests you set, this will be what you need to pay regardless if a lesser amount show. Any additional guests will pay after the party is over. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • We are not able to extend the length of your party if you are late. If you are more than 20 minutes late, we reserve the right to cancel your party.
  • If your party is cancelled you will forfeit your deposit and will be responsible for the remaining balance which will be charged to the card used to place the deposit.
  • Due to the popularity of our parties and tight schedule, we are unable to do any last minute date changes.
  • If you desire additional time, please speak to us for details.

Please call the studio at (216) 227-9710 to schedule your event!

Our Instructors

aerial party instructor
aerial party instructor
pole dance party instructor