What should I wear to class?

Please dress comfortably! Make sure you can move easily! We typically dance either barefoot or in socks.

What are the benefits of belly dance?

Belly dance is a full work out for the body and the mind. You will leave feeling physically exhausted but mentally alive from the music and movements.

What style of belly dance do we do? Are there many different styles?

Students will learn the dance style Raqs Sharqi. Raqs Sharqi is a modern style that has grown out of Egyptian folk dances, mixed with some elements of Western dance. This style is one of many dances that comes out of the Middle East but it absolutely the most popular. Yes, there are many difference styles of belly dance, once you learn the basics you can take the art in any direction!

Is belly dance for everyone?

Absolutely- young or old, any size and any shape will gain something from this style!

Do I have to show my belly?

Nope! The dancers in the Middle East usually always wear dresses or belly covers. As long as you are comfortable, you can wear whatever you like.

I’ve never done any type of dance before, will I be able to do this class?

Of course, this is a beginner/intermediate class but I do accommodate for all levels (even those who have never stepped on a dance floor). The instructor will always challenge you, but always support you on your current journey.