Be Fitness' POLE FITNESS COMPETITION PROGRAM guides students on their journey to compete in regional pole fitness competitions across the US. The program offers workshops, team practices and emotional support to help students prepare for competition. Our program encourages men and women to step out of their comfort zones to find courage and strength to participate in a life-changing performance.

We help students choreograph their routine from start to finish, including how to choose the appropriate category and level, deciding on pole tricks and combos, creating seamless flow, and having a confident and engaging stage presence. Each week includes a ninety minute lesson going over each scoring element from the judges. Students also get six private lessons with an instructor who has previously competed, unlimited open practices, a gift bag, and access to a private online group for the team.

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Why Join Our Program?

It isn’t a requirement to join our competition program if you’d like to compete as a Be Fitness student. We recommend the program, however, to any student who really wants to succeed in their performance. Many students want to compete just to have the experience and don’t want to do a lot of additional training. This program is designed for students who want to increase their training and perform at their best. It is also helpful for students who struggle with creating their own choreography and trick combinations.

We believe that this program is beneficial because it holds you accountable to your training, gives you one-on-one guidance, and helps you focus on details that may be otherwise overlooked. We also have a private Facebook group dedicated to our program's members, with weekly discussions and support. Joining the program gets you a free gift bag, including a competitor tank top and more.

We also offer support to students who are not a member of the competition program, but plan to compete in one of the events that Be Fitness travels to as a team. We have a private Facebook group for all competitors, past and present, to give tips and offer support to one another. This group is separate from the competition program’s private group. All competitors have the option to purchase the Be Fitness competitor tank top and hoodie. While none of the competition program workshops are available as drop-ins, we offer discounted rates for competitors for all other choreography workshops at the studio.

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Workshop Schedule

Our competition program consists of 12 workshops throughout the course of 12 weeks, 6 private lessons with your own competition mentor, and unlimited open pole sessions (available during normal studio hours). Each workshop is focused around the Pole Sport Organization's (PSO) scoring elements. Please see our current MindBody schedule for upcoming workshop dates. For more information on PSO, visit .

*Students are responsible for registering for competition on their own. Additional costs for registering with PSO are not included in this workshop series.*

  • Week 1 - Introduction and Assessment of Levels
  • Week 2 - How to Use Control and Momentum
  • Week 3 - Developing Musicality in Your Routine
  • Week 4 - Perfecting Your Form
  • Week 5 - Creating Seamless Flow
  • Week 6 - Putting it all Together to Build Choreography
  • Week 7 - Ensure a Good Variety of Tricks
  • Week 8 - Building Unique and Powerful Combos
  • Week 9 - Acting Through Pole
  • Week 10 - Developing Your Character
  • Week 11 - Balance of Program
  • Week 12 - Final Run-Through and Check-In


Complete Training Series

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Our Instructors

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Maya Soul


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Wanida Joy